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Hello my friends!  We’ve returned from our journey to Indianapolis, exhausted but ready to dive in to a variety of projects!  But first, I want to talk about a few highlights of our adventures.

First, if anyone likes the Percy Jackson book series, we met a new author by the name of Alane Adams at GenCon this year.  She’s a really cool person to talk to, and her new book The Red Sun is coming out this month.  She was kind enough to give us a copy, which we’ll be reading shortly!

A Game Gone Awry

A Game Gone Awry

I’ve pretty much described the first day and a half of the con in my last post, so here’s a few tidbits about the last few days.  Wizards of the Coast didn’t have a both at GenCon this year, which was a bit of a let down, but there were PLENTY of offerings from the other vendors there.  We met up with friends from Dreamscarred Press, Legendary Games, TPK Games, Paizo, and many more in our journeys.

As anyone in creative circles that has ever attended GenCon knows, company owners, writers, artists, and game designers are so busy during the day with their booths and running games that they barely have enough time to wander the exhibition hall, let alone network and hang out.  As a result, business and social meetings alike tend to run well into the wee hours of the morning.  So, last night we got together with a wide variety of talented people in the industry, some well-known luminaries, others virtually unknown.  We talked, debated, brainstormed, and gamed for hours and had a great time in the process!  Thanks to some of the suggestions offered by key people in the industry, you may be seeing a wide variety of new things from Silver Crescent in the near future!

Further and Further Awry...

Further and Further Awry…

Today we spent walking the exhibition hall for what seemed like the first time.  After all, even the most industrious game designers need a few hours to themselves right?  There were hundreds of vendors selling thousands of products!  We walked the hall for 3 and a half hours and barely made it through half of the place!  It’s like a gamer’s mall exploded into Indianapolis for the weekend!  Miniatures, RPG books, costume items, leather works, even a blacksmith pedaling his steel forged wares were all present alongside out industry friends!

It was an great GenCon, and we’d like to say THANK YOU to everyone who made it such, friends, volunteers, and all gamers alike.  We just got home, and exhausted as we are, we are already looking forward to next year!  Hopefully all of you can attend, but if not, find someone to visit through vicariously.  I promise it’s worth the trouble.

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