Norm’s Corner

Posted by Daniel On May 30, 2011 ADD COMMENTS
At the beginning of the year Silver Crescent Publishing made contact with a well-known bard by the name of Norm the Gnome. After long hours of negotiation we convinced Norm to sign a contract with us to promote our booth at GenCon 2011, and to tell the tales of the Realms of Twilight world for all to hear. Obviously we were excited about having such a prominent figure present throughout the convention.

However, it seems Norm found himself in a bit of trouble. While he was spending an evening entertaining the locals of a tavern once known as teh Goosed Gosling, he managed to publicly declare that one Lady Serenei Valesworn had… known… a great many people in the capital city of Aruch-Ve. He even hinted that she spent a great deal of time among commoners! Beyond that, he may have managed to accidently turn the Goosed Gosling into a smoking pile of rubble that night.

So, here we will attempt to keep you updated on Norm’s trial, as well as any resulting adventures and events that may be occuring surrounding our little, mischevious friend.

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