Masters of the Realm

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Game Master: “For days you have wandered through the mists, constantly on the edge of vigilance. You seek answers to your questions; answers that none you have yet encountered have possessed. As you step forward, ever cautious and with every sense tuned to detect any possible threat, the mist slowly begins to clear. You see before you a man garbed in a modest black tunic and breeches sitting calmly at a small round table. “Welcome my friend.” the strange man says. “I have been waiting for you.” He motions to a simple wooden chair across from him. “Please sit. We have much to discuss you and I; for I have the answers you seek, and I wish to hear of your experiences as you have journeyed through my wondrous creation.”

Silver Crescent Staff

Daniel Marshall

Daniel has spent the last 30 years of his life involved in role-playing games. His experience started back when he was four years old, with first edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Though his gaming experiences have spread to Rifts, Deadlands and many others, he has always held the fantasy settings of Dungeons and Dragons, and Pathfinder in recent years, on a pedestal high above the rest.

He has written several articles for the TRAILseeker periodical published by ENWorld, worked alongside the Four Horsemen in game development, and is the primary force behind the Tournament of Souls.  Currently, he serves as the CEO of Silver Crescent Publishing and is pursuing a variety of projects both within the company, and as a partner with several other publishers.

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