Swiftshadows vs. the Magma Serpent

Posted by Daniel On July 26, 2015 1 COMMENT

Introduction Caer Holineth is filled with excitement this evening as we await the last semi-final battle.  The victor tonight will face the twin Razor Fiends in the final showdown as they attempt to claim the coveted title of Grand Champion! Tonight we have the distinct pleasure of watching the Swiftshadows, the very pinnacle of stealth  [ Read More ]

There’s are a lot of exciting things going on right now in the Silver Crescent world.  So today, we’ll take a break from the tournament related posts and talk about the company and our activities for a minute.  Don’t worry!  The second semi-final match between the Swiftshadows and the Magma Serpent will still be posted  [ Read More ]

An interview with Norm the Gnome!

Posted by Daniel On July 21, 2015 ADD COMMENTS

Though we’ve been trying since the tournament began, we haven’t been able to catch up to our traveling gnomish friend, until now.  One of my messengers, the very same Valshari that went behind the scenes in the pits of the arena, managed to find him amidst the audience after the battle last week! While he  [ Read More ]

Blighted Stalker vs. Razor Fiends

Posted by Daniel On July 19, 2015 2 COMMENTS

Introduction The moons soar high through the night sky this evening, illuminating the arena floor with shades of silver and red from above.  In a change of pace, it seems tonight’s jungle battleground is already in place!  I’m not sure whether that means the mages simply decided to set it up prior to the audience’s  [ Read More ]


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An unimaginable horror has occurred this morning in the city of Illuria.  We’ve just received word that Holn Brengrin, the tournament mage we interviewed just a few weeks ago, was found slain in his home in the trade quarter!  The city guard, well known for their investigative abilities and stringent enforcement of the law, immediately  [ Read More ]

On the Origins of the Battlegrounds…

Posted by Daniel On July 14, 2015 2 COMMENTS

I’m sure that by now you are all wondering how the Tournament Mages create such wondrous battlegrounds for our competitors to fight in.  Well, as it turns out, I have been wondering the exact same thing!  I was curious if they performed some sort of ritual teleportation, or created it from scratch… or where they  [ Read More ]

Tumbler vs. Magma Serpent

Posted by Daniel On July 12, 2015 1 COMMENT

Introduction Hello once again from Caer Holineth, the center of activity in all of Illuria for this year’s Tournament of Souls!  We’ve got quite a matchup tonight, with the massive stone golem Tumbler battling against a construct of stone and fire, the Magma Serpent. According to the information we’ve received, Tumbler is a ten foot  [ Read More ]

Caer Holineth is playing host tonight, not to the wondrous glories of the Tournament, or the explosive magics of a wizard duel, but to a market of rare things.  While spell components, and power components used to enhance said spells, are of great interest to divine and arcane spellcaster’s alike, I am neither.  Thus, I  [ Read More ]

Incredible Speed – Overwhelming Power

Posted by Daniel On July 5, 2015 3 COMMENTS

Introduction The greatest arena in all of the empire is shaking with anticipation tonight, as the third battle of the 101st Tournament of Souls is getting ready to get underway.  The red moon is riding high in the sky this evening, and if astrologers are to be believed, this can only mean a savage battle  [ Read More ]

Alchemy’s Razor Fiends Explained!

Posted by Daniel On July 1, 2015 2 COMMENTS

For those of you not in attendance, let me summarize the events that just occurred.  After a resounding defeat, the undead Arachast, created by known insect enthusiast Cangile Valuus appeared to go berserk, charging into the crowd and attacking innocent spectators!  Without so much as a command from its creator, the damaged Razor Fiend darted  [ Read More ]