Incredible Speed – Overwhelming Power

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Introduction The greatest arena in all of the empire is shaking with anticipation tonight, as the third battle of the 101st Tournament of Souls is getting ready to get underway.  The red moon is riding high in the sky this evening, and if astrologers are to be believed, this can only mean a savage battle  [ Read More ]

Alchemy’s Razor Fiends Explained!

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For those of you not in attendance, let me summarize the events that just occurred.  After a resounding defeat, the undead Arachast, created by known insect enthusiast Cangile Valuus appeared to go berserk, charging into the crowd and attacking innocent spectators!  Without so much as a command from its creator, the damaged Razor Fiend darted  [ Read More ]

Winter Takes Hold

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Introduction Welcome back to Illuria’s grand arena for this week’s battle in the Tournament of Souls!  If you haven’t been back to Caer Holineth since last week’s battle, you missed all of the great events that have been going on here.  Every day has been filled with a variety of events from incredible wizard duels,  [ Read More ]

Ever have a chat with Death?

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Greetings once again, and welcome to Caer Holineth, the home of the 101st Tournament of Souls!  While the battle between the twin Razor Fiends and the Arachast isn’t until later in the week, we have the distinct pleasure of being able to sit down with last year’s Grand Champion, the Horseman of Death!  Hopefully we  [ Read More ]

To the Victor…

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Introduction Greetings from Caer Holineth, the grand arena of the Illurian Empire’s capital!  Welcome citizens and guests alike to the first battle of this year’s Tournament of Souls!  The seats are already beginning to fill up as we speak, so it won’t be long now before our first  combatants take the field.  And who are  [ Read More ]

Tournament Brackets Revealed!!

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The opening ceremony was incredibly exciting!  I couldn’t believe the strength of the Thrasher as he burst through a solid stone wall, or the raw elemental power of the Magma Serpent!  This looks like it’ll be an intense battle to claim the revered title of Grand Champion, especially with the new battlegrounds this year.  And the  [ Read More ]

Introduction Welcome my friends, to Caer Holineth, the grand arena of the Illurian Empire!  The whole city has been in an uproar for the last several days as commoners and nobility alike have been streaming in from across the empire, with several distinguished visitors from beyond its borders as well!  As I look around I  [ Read More ]

This last weekend, we had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed by Paco Garcia of G*M*S magazine about the Tournament of Souls!  We discussed the rules of the tournament, the concepts behind its inception and the beauty of community creativity! For those of you not already aware, the Tournament of Souls was created as a  [ Read More ]

The Power Behind a Construct

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While the wizards and clerics responsible for the Tournament of Souls are reviewing and testing the latest entries, we thought we would take a minute to talk a bit about the creation process for many of the golems we’ve seen over the last 101 years of the tournament.  Today we’ll hearing from a senior student, whose  [ Read More ]

Tournament officials have announced the final two terrains for combat! The jungles of Cylthia are returning to the tournament! With the swift current of a flowing river that could carry combatants into the abyss, and vining monstrosities will make for a very interesting battleground. When we initially got word that this would be one of  [ Read More ]