As promised, tournament officials have released official information regarding one of the 100th anniversary creatures!  For those budding Creators, this will give you an example of what the tournament mages are looking for, both in ability balance, and creation description. These particular creatures are  modified gnoll skeletons, crafted by the renowned necromancer Talon Kurg.  Here  [ Read More ]

The 103rd Annual Tournament of Souls!

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Greetings to one and all!  Spring is coming, and alongside the warming weather and driving rain, it also brings with it this year’s Tournament of Souls! As usual we’re first going to give a rundown of what the tournament actually is.  First and foremost, it is a competition in creativity.  Within the guidelines of this challenge,  [ Read More ]

GM Discussion – Railroads vs. Sandboxes

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There’s a great deal of debate across social media networks about what type of campaign is best to play in the table-top RPG world.  Some gamers prefer a very linear game, where the Game Master leads them from one event to another.  Others desire a much more versatile game, driven by the whims of the  [ Read More ]

The Island of Draycea

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Explorers in the world of Relistan that are willing to brave the dangers of nautical travel are slowly filling in previously unexplored corners of the map.  One such place that was recently discovered is the island of Draycea. The Island of Draycea Most know the island of Draycea for its sheer cliffs, natural beauty, and  [ Read More ]

Closing Ceremonies

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  Our last battle showed the true victor of this year’s tournament.  It was an incredible fight, on a battleground that tournament and city mages alike worked together to create and empower!  A week later, I swear I’m still shaking from the adrenalin of those final moments! But the battle has been decided.  One has  [ Read More ]

Introduction At last!  We have arrived at the apex of the 101st Tournament of Souls!  For months artificers and necromancers have watched their creations battle it out in the ever changing environments of Caer Holineth.  Many incredible creatures have fallen in each round as we approached this, the final battle! The winner of this match  [ Read More ]

GenCon and beyond!

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Hello my friends!  We’ve returned from our journey to Indianapolis, exhausted but ready to dive in to a variety of projects!  But first, I want to talk about a few highlights of our adventures. First, if anyone likes the Percy Jackson book series, we met a new author by the name of Alane Adams at  [ Read More ]

GENCON!! First Day

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It’s been a busy two days so let’s start from the beginning.  Silver Crescent arrived in Indianapolis, IN Wednesday night to a not so thrilling greeting from our chosen hotel.  I’m quite sure there are many others who had this experience, but here was ours: We arrived to be informed that the room we had  [ Read More ]

Ladies, gentlemen, and everybody else not sitting on a cushion(!), what we’ve witnessed in this last I can’t wait to see the final match between tonight’s victor, to magma serpent, and its upcoming opponents, the razor fiends!  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we’re not done celebrating this most recent victory yet are we?   [ Read More ]

Swiftshadows vs. the Magma Serpent

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Introduction Caer Holineth is filled with excitement this evening as we await the last semi-final battle.  The victor tonight will face the twin Razor Fiends in the final showdown as they attempt to claim the coveted title of Grand Champion! Tonight we have the distinct pleasure of watching the Swiftshadows, the very pinnacle of stealth  [ Read More ]