The Realms

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Game Master: 

“The village that raised you has faded into the distance as your journey takes you ever onward. On a night like any other you are awakened to a strange sound. Quickly you grab your sword and silently seek out the disturbance. Without warning a gateway opens before you. Through it you see glittering stars, majestic rolling hills and three bright moons that light the sky. A sudden impact from behind sends you sprawling through the portal. You look up as the portal closes behind you and see only a calm, smiling face of a dark skinned elf looking down at you. Welcome, to Relistan and the Realms of Twilight.

The sun no longer shines upon the lands of Relistan, for a fey race caused a lasting eclipse in ancient times. They thought that such an eclipse would destroy the pestilence that was infecting the world they loved so much. In their eyes, that pestilence was humans, orcs, dwarves and many other sentient races that came to the world long after they did. They tried for generations to teach the newcomers harmony, but in the end they turned to the eclipse in a last, desperate attempt to save their world.

Now only the light of the three moons illuminates the lands below. Five continents and many seas cover the surface world, with much and more below it. Most races managed to survive the darkness brought on by the eclipse. Some have even sought to end it, though none have yet succeeded. Only now, an age after darkness fell is civilization returning to the wild lands. Large nations and empires are rising, some have established themselves during the Age of Darkness. It is a world unlike any other.”

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