An interview with Norm the Gnome!

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Though we’ve been trying since the tournament began, we haven’t been able to catch up to our traveling gnomish friend, until now.  One of my messengers, the very same Valshari that went behind the scenes in the pits of the arena, managed to find him amidst the audience after the battle last week!

While he didn’t seem all that thrilled to be pulled away from his celebration, he has given us a bit of his time for an interview.  Without further ado, I’d like to introduce to everyone our friend Norm the Gnome!

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“Greetings Illuria!  I haven’t been back here in years, but the capital still hasn’t changed.  Still the same restrictive laws, wizards without a sense of humor, and the high and mighty clergy.”

Ha!  Indeed there is!  I think many Illurian citizens take pride in the constancy of the capital, but I can see how one of your skills and experience would find it a bit monotonous.  Now I know you’ve been abroad for quite some time.  Care to tell us a bit about some of the places you’ve visited?

“Sure!  I always enjoy talking about my travels.  I spent the majority of my time across the sea on the continent of Slarinca.”

Oh yes, I heard about some trouble you got into with the elves there.

“Don’t exaggerate sir, it was only a minor misunderstanding.  Somehow the lady’s jewels fell into my pouch while I was performing one majestic evening.  I can hardly be blamed for such things now can I?  Nonetheless, the elven nation of Aruna-nigh is a sight to behold.  The architecture is like a blend of beautiful crystal, natural landscapes, and smooth and graceful structures.  It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen anywhere else in the world.”

That sounds beautiful.  Was there anywhere in particular that you felt particularly drawn to?

“In the elven nation?  Aviryn.”  Norm says without a moment’s hesitation.  “The elves call it the Crystal City.  Every major structure in the city is carved of enormous crystal that glitters in the light of the three moons.  The city overlooks the sea and is one of the largest ports on the continent, so there’s plenty of activity and taverns to investigate there as well.  For anyone risking the dangerous journey across the sea, you can’t afford to miss a visit to Aviryn… or a little place called the Serpent of the Sea.  Trust me, it’s worth the trip.”

Aviryn sounds like an amazing place.  Not so sure about this Serpent place… but I’ll take your word for it!  You say the journey to get there is dangerous though.  What exactly do you mean?  How dangerous?

“Well, everyone who lives near one of Relistan’s oceans knows that to travel upon them is risky business at best.  Massive storms, pirates, undersea raiders, enormous monsters… and that’s only the beginning!  Even those merchants that travel the trade ways run heavily armed and with a large escort, yet still more ships sink than reach the end of the trip.  That said, the parties aboard ship are absolutely incredible.  As one would expect when every day may be your last.”  he says with a laugh.

Wow…  They must make a killing, no pun intended, on their goods to risk such a dangerous journey.

“Indeed they do.  In most cases, a single successful trip across the sea and back is enough to set up a merchant for life.”

That’s an enormous pile of gold(!) if they’re anything like me of course.  Is there anywhere else of interest that you visited in your time on Slarinca?

“Oh there were many.  The prison stronghold of Serpent’s Hold, the twilight gnomes of Burligburrow, and many others.  I could tell stories for months I’m sure!  But there is celebration to be had, and I have to spend a bit of my substantial winnings after that last battle.”

Alright.  Just a few more questions then before I leave you to what I’m sure will an exciting adventure through the streets and alleys of Illuria.  Why did you leave the empire in the first place?

“The time was peaceful.  How many epic tales and amazing adventures occur during eras of serene peace?  Nowadays, war is brewing along the eastern border, with Marúk’s lycanthropic units arming themselves for battle.  Mysterious things are happening throughout the wastelands… there’s even tell of an undead sighting in one of the way pyramids!  Something is about to happen in this region.  Something big, and what sort of bard would I be if I wasn’t around to preserve the tale!  That, and I haven’t been to one of the tournaments in far too long.” The little man says with a smile.

Let’s hope the kind of excitement you mention is kept to a minimum and far from here.  One final question.  What are your thoughts on this year’s Tournament of Souls?

“It’s been really exciting so far.  There have been a number of upsets as well.  I never would have guessed that the chord caster would have lost its first match for instance, or the swiftshades defeating Thrasher!  Now THAT was a surprise.  The minocore destroyed the first one in a single strike and it still somehow lost!  I have to say, I lost a good deal of money on that match.”

“The terrains are as incredible as always, but the earthquake in the lava caverns was particularly impressive!  They’ve certainly found ways to keep the battles exciting this year!”

Indeed they have!  And I’m glad this battle was much more rewarding for you.  Thank you for your time my friend.  Enjoy the festivities and your well-earned winnings!

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