Two battlegrounds announced!

Posted by Daniel On May 23, 2015 ADD COMMENTS

The first two battlegrounds for the tournament were released by officials early this afternoon!

The first of which is not much of a surprise, as it was the site of some titanic duels in the previous tournaments. If you remember, last year the Crystalline Mountain crafted by Creator Zierule Belar face off against the undead Shrieking Shadow, ceremonially made by Nysta Valissar! Crystal shattered as the Shadow shrieked, but the undead creature could not withstand the earth shaking might of the golem who quite literally collapsed parts of the terrain on its opponent.

The first terrain selected by the tournament staff is the underground caverns!

Also announced today was the second of four terrain options that will be randomly determined for each match. This terrain seems like it would be as challenging for the competitors as it is a wonder to behold for the audience. Broiling steam vents and flowing currents are but a few of the features this completely new battleground has to offer. The second terrain is… the Hidden Reef! If my source is to be believed, it will be a completely underwater terrain with a variety of wonders to challenge constructs and undead creatures alike!

The deadline for entries is coming up quickly so get them in for your chance to battle for the prize!

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