The Trial of Norm

Posted by Daniel On May 3, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

I received word of Norm’s trial last night from his wife.  The charges that have been officially filed are public ludeness, slandering the honor of a Lady, and the destruction of the Goosed Gosling, the well-known tavern in which he was performing at the time.

From what his wife Berinda has told me, he has been imprisoned in one of Aviryn’s most infamous places, Yirunel’s Hold.  It is a place formed of elven magic, and enchanted to prevent all manner of sorcery, divine influence and powers of the mind from functioning.  Apparently some of the guards and higher-ups possess rings that allow their abilities to function, but they are rare, and closely guarded.

I’m sure you will all be happy to know that thus far he has been treated relatively well.  The guards are apparently treated him coldly, but no harm has befallen him.  Berinda is confident that the trial will conclude well before August, but the outcome of it is far from determined.  The noble woman he slandered, a powerful elven heiress, has more than a little influence at Court.  Let us hope these unfortunate events don’t result in continued imprisonment.

Soon I will be setting up a way that you can all send your letters of encouragement and questions to the imprisoned gnome.  I’m sure news, and in fact any interaction with the outside world, would be welcomed.

Keep our friend Norm in mind as your adventures take you on through the week. 

Until next time, good gaming to all.

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