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Posted by Daniel On December 17, 2010 3 COMMENTS

Recently Silver Crescent Publishing has opened an account at  It may take me a little bit to figure out the play style, but the intent is to host at least one three session game set in the Realms of Twilight setting each month.  Each session will be about three hours if everything goes as planned.  For those who already have an account at Infrno don’t hesitate to send me a friend request.  One can never have too many friends right?

Here’s how it is going to work:  I will post a game looking for between 3 and 6 players with a time and date for the first game session.  I haven’t decided yet if I’ll have pre-gened characters of not, but that may depend on the preference of the players.  As I said, there will be three sessions of about three hours each.  At the end of which we will conclude the adventure and I will ask for feedback regarding the play experience, the adventure itself as well as the setting as a whole.  That’s really what this whole thing is about, getting the feedback from players and to spread the word about the setting.  Should players end up making their own characters I will be allowing characters of any of the core races as well as classes from the core book, the Advanced Player’s Guide, and the Psionics Unleashed book by Dreamscarred Press (I’ve got to give them credit for that, I really do like their conversions).

Also, if you have a particular place in the world of Relistan that you would like to see one of these sessions focus on let me know.  I’m open to suggestions.  Look for the first game to be posted sometime in early January (that way I have som time to get suggestions on where to set our adventure).

With any luck,  few others may be running games set in the Realms of Twilight, providing their own spin on the setting for players to enjoy.

Until next week, good gaming to all and I hope to see you either on Facebook or Infrno (perhaps both?).

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  1. Daniel Wood says:

    I’ll most likely set my adventure in Slarinca (Spelled it right that time, hehe) though right now I’m working out the details on the adventure itself. One thing Ive liked about that continent is there is SO much room and material for adventure and culturally diverse. Wish me luck and Good luck with your adventure!

    • I look forward to seeing (if not playing) your adventure on Infrno Daniel.

      • Daniel Wood says:

        ((Please excuse the double post. I posted in the wrong blog/thread))

        got 1 player interested so far. any suggestions on how to raise further interest in my game. got a little more than one week to go before I start. I figured that it might take a while to get enough players together, that’s why i gave such a long registration period ( that and it gives interested players a chance to ask questions about the world, races and spells).

        check out my game, im open to suggestions.

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