Posted by Daniel On April 29, 2010 ADD COMMENTS

The Realms of Twilight Campaign Setting is now officially completed!  I’ve got the cover all done (it’s even registered to Silver Crescent and has an ISBN number… pretty nifty right? 😉 )  Now all I’m waiting for is a few updated quotes from potential print shops and it will be on its way to the shelf.  I’ve already got over a dozen pre-sold of the 50 book printing, so those of you who want one of the autographed and numbered first print run have to let me know soon or there may not be any left.  Thanks a lot for the support along the way.  And hopefully this is only the first of the series.  Though until I get some good feedback about the campaign setting, I’m moving to novels set in the world.  I’ve got plans for 2 series and am going to be beginning work on one of them as soon as the Campaign Setting hardcover is sent off tot he printer.

Thanks again!

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