GENCON!! First Day

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It’s been a busy two days so let’s start from the beginning.  Silver Crescent arrived in Indianapolis, IN Wednesday night to a not so thrilling greeting from our chosen hotel.  I’m quite sure there are many others who had this experience, but here was ours: We arrived to be informed that the room we had reserved 8 MONTHS AGO was not available so they would be giving us a different room that also had a king bed but no pull out sofa.  Not thrilled, but alright.  They put us in a broom closet…  Thankfully, after our Creative Director became a roaring red dragon and reminded them that they should not mettle in the affairs of dragons for they were crunchy and good with ketchup, we were moved to a bigger room and eventually offered a few amenities to remedy the situation.  So, a bit annoying, and not the greatest beginning to our Con experience this year, but it was resolved no harm no foul.

After getting settled we headed out to dinner at an AMAZING restaurant called Fogo De Chao with our friends The Four Horsemen in celebration of their first tournament style event at GenCon!  More on that in a minute.  We met up with a number of other great people in the industry, talked a bit of shop, ate an obscene amount of incredible food and a good time was had by all!

Thursday morning began with A Date With Death!  No, we’re not talking about romancing Dan Dillon (The Horseman of Death and winner of last year’s Tournament of Souls).  One of our staff was asked to be a Game Master for an outstanding adventure used for the first round of their team tournament, alongside other industry veterans like Jason Nelson from Legendary Games and several RPG Superstars!  It was a great experience… especially since, after a 5 hour session of intense gaming filled with more puns than any sane person would ever come up with, my particular group fell in the final encounter… TPK… including one PC turned into a cute white bunny rabbit, and another into a ferret.  I have to give them credit though, they went down fighting!  And in a way, the bunny got the last word, but to understand, you’ve got to realize that the final battle took place in a classroom in Hell.  Trust me, just go with it.  As the final character fell, the unassuming bunny used Prestidigitation as a spell-like ability to write “CLASS DISMISSED!” on the chalk board at the front of the room!

10 style points were granted to him shortly before his fuzzy little form was torn apart by various animated objects.

We were also represented at Contessa, which just won a GOLD at the Ennies for Best Blog by the way.  If you haven’t already, you should really check these ladies out.  Since she ran an adventure for Playground Adventures… I’ll leave it to her to reveal the details of that particular encounter.

Can’t go wrong with random GenCon cosplay!

On to Thursday night!  There are some who may not remember all of Thursday night… But a hardy THANK YOU must be sent out to John Reyst of for organizing a gathering for we Pathfinder 3PPs.  We got a chance to once again meet up with the Horsemen, meet some new friends that we’ve worked with in the past but never had the distinct pleasure of meeting in person, and hang out with some that we’ve only heard of!  It was a great opportunity to share food, conversation, maybe a few drinks… with some of the most creative people the industry has to offer.  Special thanks to John and Rachel for a great time!

As 2 AM rolled around we made it back to the hotel and collapsed, hoping to claim every second of sleep possible before a crafting event that started at 9…

Truly, it was a great first day.

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