Ladies, gentlemen, and everybody else not sitting on a cushion(!), what we’ve witnessed in this last I can’t wait to see the final match between tonight’s victor, to magma serpent, and its upcoming opponents, the razor fiends!  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we’re not done celebrating this most recent victory yet are we?  And to talk about that victory, I have beside me the Lady Ignatia Kul!

She is a professor at the Illurian Academy, and a decades long student of the art of artifice and construct creation.  We can see her skills plainly in the victories her serpent has claimed already this year, but only time will tell if that prowess will help her claim the title of Grand Champion!

“I’m quite certain it will.” The well-dressed lady says in a voice that seems to crackle and spark like a living flame.  “It is unfortunate that we’ll have to wait an extra week for the coming battle.”

That’s right!  Thank you for reminding me my Lady.  Due to the severe amount of damage inflicted on both the arena grounds and the magma serpent during the most recent battle, the championship fight will be delayed one week to allow time for both the Lady Ignatia as well as Illuria’s city mages to make the necessary repairs.  My Lady, you’re saying you could have your serpent ready in time if the battle were in just a few days?

“Of course I could.  It may not be in its best shape, but certainly well enough to defeat the flying fossils.  Who would choose diamond as a primary material for a construct anyway?  It may be a very hard substance, but it is incredibly brittle and unnecessarily expensive!”

Fossils?  Ah, I get it!  Because diamonds are made from compressed dead things right?  Such a clever thing you are.  However, despite your resounding victory, Alchemy and his Razor Fiends seem to have the upper hand in the eyes of the people.

“The opinion of the people matters little.  They cannot affect what occurs inside the arena once the match begins.  They can only voice their joy or disdain for actions and outcomes.  What matters is the creations themselves.  How they move, how they act, their abilities, their very souls are what makes up these incredible beings.”

You speak of them as if they were alive my Lady, and with such passion!

“Of course they’re alive.  Only a fool wouldn’t recognize it.  We may mold the form they take and call their consciousness into being, but once the creation is done they have a will of their own, however limited it may, or may not, be.”

It’s not often that I’m outwitted by an interviewee, but I honest have nothing I can respond to that with.  Perhaps it’s because you look so amazing in that dress of crimson and flames… then again it’s likely due to fear of being incinerated, so I’ll just move on to my next question then.  The Tournament Master has changed the battleground that the final match will be fought in.  Any idea what it might be?

“Looking at the tournament brackets, I imagine there are only two options.  Either our creations will be placed in the lava caverns, which would heavily favor the magma serpent, or they will create a completely new battleground that we’ve never seen before.  Knowing Master Zoland’s propensity for grandeur, I imagine it will be something new.”

That makes a lot of sense.  Perhaps something from last year that we haven’t seen yet?

“The urban ruins might be an interesting place, with both outdoor and indoor environments.  But I think he will lean more towards something original.”

Let’s hope so.  Seeing each battleground for the first time is a sight to see!  I can’t wait to find out what it is!  In fact… Cul’vir?  Go find out what the next battleground is going to be… no, I don’t care that you almost died last time.  I’m paying you for this… I don’t think this is really the time to discuss a raise, I’m in the middle of an interview!… Oh, fine!  I’ll give you another ten gold pieces if you return with the information.

It’s so hard to find good help these days.

“I can’t help but agree.  My own servant attempted to sabotage the magma serpent before the match.”

Really?  What happened?

“The serpent incinerated her.  I took precautions against this, just in case one of the other Creators would attempt to take matters into their own hands outside of the arena.”

Ouch… death by incineration sounds so… painful… But on a brighter note, at least you don’t have to worry about it anymore!

“Indeed I do not.”

Well… I hate to end the interview on such a serious note, but I have to admit, the longer I talk the more I fear for my life.  That being the case, I wish you well in the upcoming match, and I hope the gods grant you the outcome you deserve!  Thank you greatly for spending time with me this evening.

“It has been my pleasure sir.  I’m sure the gods will see fit to grant victory to the greater creature.  I have things I must attend to, so I bid you adieu.”

Now that she’s gone, I have to admit, that is one of the creepiest interviews I’ve ever conducted.  Did you see the way she was looking at me that whole time?  And that accent… She must be from the western reaches of the empire.  In the words of Lady Ignatia, I bid you adieu and good evening.

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