Alchemy’s Razor Fiends Explained!

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For those of you not in attendance, let me summarize the events that just occurred.  After a resounding defeat, the undead Arachast, created by known insect enthusiast Cangile Valuus appeared to go berserk, charging into the crowd and attacking innocent spectators!  Without so much as a command from its creator, the damaged Razor Fiend darted across the battleground, soaring through the air and landing on the giant insect, claws and teeth tearing into it until there was little left but a pool of acidic flesh and bone!

My messengers managed to catch Alchemy before he left the stadium this evening and he has permitted us to ask him a few questions about his creations.  Welcome sir!

With a flourish of his hat and smile upon his face, Alchemy bows and says, “I would like to thank you and the many citizens here for having me in your great city and for allowing me to participate in such a glorious competition.”

Glorious indeed!  I’ve seen some of the most ingenious creations at this tournament in the last century, yours among them.  Speaking of that, what exactly did we just witness here?  I’m not an expert at construct creation, but I’ve been told that they tend to be relatively mindless.  If that’s true, what drove your Razor Fiend to come to the defense of Illurian citizens like that?

“It could be their connection to my mind and my affinity with helping the poor and impoverished.” he says with a wink, tapping a diamond pendant upon his collar, coincidentally shaped very much like the Fiends. “When we chose the two hell hounds to animate the diamond bodies of the razor fiends we used two from the same litter. We found that these two creatures had a sort of bond. Brotherly love, you may say, if such a thing could exist in a creature from the nine hells. It may have been this bond that drove the fiend to attack the arachast and defend the citizens. I will not know for sure until I and my team of artificers have time to analyze and reassemble the fallen fiend.”

“I see.  I have to admit the arcane intricacies are a bit beyond me, but when dealing with outsiders, I suppose anything is possible!  How do you feel about your constructs’ performance this evening?

“I was quite impressed with their performance here tonight. Never did I imagine they would fight so well together. Nor did I think they were capable of some of the feats they accomplished here tonight. Using the ice terrain to their advantage was quite a thrilling shock.”

Diamond Dragon

Diamond Dragon by Chaos Arts

Indeed it was!  It showed a measure of adaptability and creative thinking that few automatons have demonstrated.  Truly, this could be a forward leap in the art of artificing.  What inspired you to craft something like this, and why did you choose diamond as a material?

“Well, last year I chose iron and adamantine for the constrictor. I saw that many other creators used adamantine as well. After my loss, I spent some time amongst the Illurian people, discussing the tournament and asking the citizens of their favorite creature designs. I soon discovered that there was no knowledge of dragons in these lands. So I set my team to collecting the hardest materials available. After many tests we decided diamond was strongest and easiest to obtain.  Additionally, it wasn’t difficult to mold into our preferred dragon forms. Upon reviewing the battles and creations from last year, I noticed that many of the creators were using a variety of elements to power and strengthen their creations. I decided to use them all. A decision I’m thankful I made as the arachast most certainly would have won the day without those specific enchantments.”

Taking a small serpent shaped ring from his finger Alchemy lays the tiny snake in his palm. Its iron body still charged with electricity he continues.  “Last year’s construct, the Iron Constrictor, was a very fun project. This is the last piece of the construct, all that could be found after its destruction in last year’s tournament. As you can see from its tiny body, its many segmented plates and lode stone gears it was quite difficult to make. We had to create hundreds of these tiny snakes to form the constrictors larger body. The electricity elemental that animated the constrictor provided the electric charge needed to activate its magnetic abilities. We had such high hopes for the iron constrictor, but as we are learning in this year’s tournament there is always someone or something who is just a bit better suited for the tasks at hand. We hope to have better luck this time around.”

Well I certainly hope you have only the best of luck in the tournament this year, though I fear you’ll need more than luck to claim the title of Grand Champion.  One more question before I let you head off to your well-deserved celebration.  The Tournament Master mentioned a reward of some sort for you as a result of your construct’s actions.  What do you think he has in store for you?

Grinning from ear to ear. Alchemy bows his head and says “No reward is needed. Though I am thankful for his thoughtfulness. I have all the reward I require. Allowing me to participate in this magnificent tournament is an honorable prize in itself, and the applause and gratitude of the Illurian people is rewarding enough. Although if the Master Zoland insists,” Alchemy gestures to his fine attire and many bits of enchanted jewelry.  “I like jewelry and magic. I am always interested in obtaining magical trinkets.”

“Ha!  As are most I’m sure.  Thank you for taking the time to speak with me this evening.  I won’t keep you from your celebrations or your.. dragons did you call them?  Enjoy the victory.

“Thank you.  This has been an exciting night, but as you said, I have a diamond dragon to restore and an entire city of peoples to mingle with. So I bid you adieu. I will see you at the next round of the tournament.”

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  1. preston purnell says:

    After this I cant wait to see the next fight. Thrasher the unruly vs. Quick shadows. In the lava caverns. This will be and epic battle im sure.

    • Daniel says:

      From the looks of it, the fight just might resolve the age old question of whether a warrior should favor strength and power, or speed and stealth. Only time will tell!

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