This last weekend, we had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed by Paco Garcia of G*M*S magazine about the Tournament of Souls!  We discussed the rules of the tournament, the concepts behind its inception and the beauty of community creativity!

For those of you not already aware, the Tournament of Souls was created as a way to introduce the gaming community to their own incredible creative potential.  We take the creations of each entrant and have them fight against each other, tournament style.  The brackets for this year’s tournament, including the final eight successful creators and the battlegrounds in which they will fight, will be released later this week along with the opening ceremonies of the tournament.

This contest is something we at Silver Crescent really enjoy for a variety of reasons.  First and foremost, is the fact that we have a running bet for which of our staff members can win the most battles using the creatures created by our talented entrants.  After all, winning lunch has to be high on the priority list right?  Honestly, we get to play with creatures concocted from some of the vast, untapped potential of the gaming community, and as a result craft some amazingly epic battles thanks to our participants!  Pathfinder battles, community involvement, epic clashes of constructed titans, where can we go wrong!?!

We’ve talked about the tournament a great deal over the last year and a half, yet we still have some more things to reveal!  Pay close attention in the podcast for a new product, being released after this year’s tournament is complete!  We’re still discussing all of the details, but it’s something we’re really excited about.  Not to worry, those who have participated in each year’s tournament will be credited for their creations, using either their creator name or their real name, at their option, and will more than likely be receiving a free PDF of this new product!  *insert maniacal laugh here… just for fun…. no really….  MWAHAHAHAHA!*

Tune in to the podcast and let us know what you think!  Oh, and please forgive those moments where my lungs put forth a titanic effort in order to escape the confines of my chest.  Good gaming to you all, and may your dice be forever kind.

Check out the interview with G*M*S Magazine here, or click on their logo below.  We look forward to your thoughts and comments!

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