Jungle Terrain
Tournament officials have announced the final two terrains for combat!

The jungles of Cylthia are returning to the tournament! With the swift current of a flowing river that could carry combatants into the abyss, and vining monstrosities will make for a very interesting battleground. When we initially got word that this would be one of the terrain selections there were rumors that the tournament mages might have something else in store for our combatants, something completely new for this year’s tournament… Just minutes ago we heard from our source inside the arena and we could barely contain our excitement! This year two additional challenges will be added to the jungle: The flowing water of the river will be home to a variety of fish, specifically created to gnaw through the stone, steel and bone of the creatures created for the tournament! Combatants won’t be hiding in the water this year, unlike the defeated Talonite Renders from last year’s competition, but that’s not all! We’ve just confirmed that some of the fruit bearing trees of the terrain will be magically modified! These incredible fruit can be identified by the soft red glow emanating from within, but woe be to anyone in the area should one of them fall from its home nestled amidst the branches. If our source is to be believed, this fruit will be explosive, and dangerous enough to potentially turn the tide of a battle! The Tournament Master is going all out once again this year!

The frozen continent of Ezalyth, where harsh winds blow and icy storms cut down all but the hardiest of warriors, is being brought into Illuria’s grand arena! The final arctic terrain, complete with slicing winds and icy dangers, is rumored to be modeled after an ancient frost giant temple! Our source revealed some of the dangers our combatants will face in this terrain as well! As a note, we really should start paying him more… or paying him at all for that matter… Anyway, not only are the modeling the battleground itself on the ancient temple, but some of the magical wards and hidden traps of the place are being included as well! I’m not sure what exactly that entails, but it should add a whole new level of difficulty to the battle. I can almost here the roar of the crowd already!

If I understand correctly, there will be more information forthcoming on the reef and the caverns as well, but our source couldn’t risk discovery to find out what it is! Nevermind about that pay raise… sheesh…

All four battlegrounds are now official: Underground Caverns, the Hidden Reef, Cylthia Jungle, and the Arctic Wastes! As a reminder, these battlegrounds are selected randomly for each conflict, so the combatants have no way of knowing which terrain they should be prepared for. Best of luck to all of the Creators and their creations, it appears, they may need it!

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