101st Tournament of Souls!

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Home of the Tournament of Souls

Home of the Tournament of Souls

Greetings to all! And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the announcement of this year’s Tournament of Souls!

For those not familiar with the Tournament, it is a creature creation contest. Each entrant (called a Creator) submits a creature for consideration in the Tournament. The top 8 creatures get to compete in the final tournament bracket.

Yes, the creatures actually battle it out as they seek to claim the title of Tournament Grand Champion for their Creator! These battles will be conducted by the Silver Crescent Publishing staff. Don’t worry, we have bets among ourselves as to who can win the most victories so we’ll all be trying to tear our opponents apart. grin emoticon

The introduction, each match, and the conclusion of the Tournament are all written into short story format for the enjoyment of all spectators and creators alike!
The match-ups will be determined randomly, as will the battle terrain for each match. Last year we had jungles, urban ruins, deserts and caverns. Who knows what this year may have in store… *sly grin*

Now for the rules:

1) Created creatures must be of the Construct or Undead type
2) a single CR 7 creature or a pair of CR 5 creatures that fight together may be submitted
3) No incorporeal or respawning creatures are allowed
4) Constructs cannot be animated by the psyche of a sentient being (creatures with an Intelligence score of 6 or greater)
5) ALL abilities of the creature must be accounted for in either materials, creation processes, or spells used during creation.
6) Creatures must be balanced for their particular CR. Imbalanced creatures will not pass the pre-tournament review by the tourney mages and will not be allowed to compete.
7) Only 1 submission per Creator
8) You must submit a creator name alongside your creation for story purposes.
9) All submissions must be accompanied by a short paragraph describing the creature and its creation.

Legal Stuff:

1) All submitted creations become the intellectual property of Silver Crescent Publishing (no different than many other contests)


1) The Tournament Grand Champion will be receiving a PDF copy of all current Silver Crescent Publishing products.
2) 2nd place receives a PDF of the Claws of Pelazin module, as well as a new, as of yet unreleased digital character sheet!
Entries will be accepted throughout the month of May, up until midnight on the 31st. Those submitting entries early may be able to have them reviewed by SCP staff and should they not qualify, will have time to submit revisions.

Submissions should be sent to Submissions@realmsoftwilight.net with the subject “Tournament of Souls Entry.”

Creators, let the creature crafting commence!

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