In the middle of the cold month of January, the representatives of Silver Crescent Publishing and Tablet Top Games have been working on a project that will bring Claws of Pelazin, an adventure set on the continent of Cylthia in the Realms of Twilight Campaign Setting, to an iPad format. Using revolutionary software developed by Tablet Top Games, this project will be an amazing tool for Game Masters. It includes links to encounter areas, maps, statistics blocks for monsters and many other incredible features all at the touch of a finger.

More and more publishers are going to digital formats as technology continues to move forward. This project is another way for Silver Crescent Publishing to advance into the digital world. For those who prefer the feel and weight of a physical book in their hands, they need not worry. The majority of Silver Crescent’s products are still available in print format, and will be for the forseeable future. This is simply another avenue we can use to bring our products to our customers.

Look for Claws of Pelazin to be available in the iTunes store near the beginning of March as an add-on product for Tablet Top Gamings

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