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Posted by Daniel On September 9, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Greetings to you all from the Realms of Twilight. The month of August was a very busy time for us. We had a great show at GenCon 2011 in Indianapolis at the beginning of the month, followed by the kick off of a marketing campaign and ongoing negotiations with a number of possible distributors and printers. There is alot going on behind the scenes at Silver Crescent Publishing.

But we know what you are really looking for is product updates and release schedules, so here they are. Scourge of the Sands, an adventure designed for 7-10th level characters set in the desert continent of Shiran has been the focus of our design efforts since GenCon. This adventure is going to be longer and more involved than any of the quests we’ve sent players on before, with potential side quests, multiple paths characters may travel and a variety of ways for adventurers to experience their quest. As of right now we are looking at a tentative release date near the holidays this year.

Next is the first novel in the Master of Shadows trilogy entitled Into the Night. This book went on the back burner for a while prior to GenCon when focus and priorities shifted a bit. The project has been brought back to the forefront. It is a story of two brothers accused of treason in an empire that is less than forgiving of such crimes. The details of the book are being kept hidden for the time being, though it can be said that the brothers are no strangers to dark intruiges on which their very survival hangs in the balance. Dazzling combat and mysteries kept hidden in the shadows may also be found within its pages. There is no declared release date on this book as of yet.

For those who attended GenCon and voted on where in the world of Relistan our next product should be set, the most popular choice was the Twilight Wood, on the continent of Slarinca. We have been working on putting together a number of concepts and possibilities to fulfill the desires of fantasy fans.

Lastly, Claws of Pelazin, the adventure that debuted at GenCon this year, has been put up on the website alongside a number of book marks and art prints that are available for purchase.

Until next time, good gaming to you all.

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