GenCon 2011

Posted by Daniel On August 8, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Our first year at GenCon went very well. Booth set up went smoothly, despite the heat and humidity of Thursday afternoon in Indianapolis. When the exhibit hall opened Thursday morning for Press and VIGs, we were ready.

Over four days we talked to thousands of fellow gamers, distributors, potential authors and artists and enjoyed GenCon like only gamers can. Our friend Norm was unable to make his scheduled appearances in the exhibit hall (apparently he had not yet adjusted to being transformed into a rather large human) but he did deign to run a demo of Lycan’s Bane on Friday night was over half a dozen interested gamers. We were able to convince him to give us a partial refund of our contract rates.

We also raffled off a large color map of Relistan, printed on rolled canvas. The winner of this raffle was Gnora Ford-Lepthien, who I’m sure will post it proudly on the nearest wall.

Not only did we attend GenCon to bring attention to Silver Crescent Publishing and the Realms of Twilight, but we managed to do a bit of research while we were there. We had many of the attendees that visited our booth read descriptions of four locations within the Realms of Twilight setting, and choose which of them they found to be the most interesting, and would like to see out next product set in. The choices we gave them were the city of Skyne, the Twilight Wood, Valin, and the Red Plains ont eh continent of Cylthia. The winner of this selection was overwhelmingly the Twilight Wood. As such, that locations has been added to our list of products for development. We do not know yet if it will be an adventure, a sourcebook or a novel that takes place within the Wood, but be confident that we have heard our fans, and we are listening.

Lastly, we released out latest adventure entitled Claws of Pelazin at GenCon this year. It is a 1st-3rd level adventure that takes place on the edge of the Trackless jungle. In the next few days you will find it posted up for sale in the marketplace, alongside several artprints and what bookmarks we have remaining from the convention.

GenCon was a great experience this year. For those who we saw and talked to, we wish to thank you for stopping in and we hope you enjoyed your time amidst the legends and tales of the Realms of Twilight. For those who who were unable to attend this year, worry not. The stories you may fear that you have missed remain between the covers of the Realms of Twilight campaign setting book!

Until next week, good gaming to you all.

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