The world of GenCon 2011

Posted by Daniel On April 16, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

As you all know, Silver crescent Publishing is heading to GenCon 2011 in Indianapolis, Indiana this year.  We’ve got a booth already reserved in Entrprenuer’s Avenue, and our booth design plans are going well.  However, we have a chance for something more.

GenCon LLC is giving companies the opportunity to win a Marketing Fellowship with them.  This fellowship would provide a huge number of bonus goodies, not to mention double the booth space (which Norm may need if he manages to get through the trial before then).  The first two companies were announed at the end of last month and they were… not us.  Yet there are still 4 more to be chosen.  2 will be announced each month until all 6 have gotten the news.  We’re working on an ever increasing array of pre-show advertising possibilities including dozens of game sessions (both online and in person) a website re-vamp (which will hopefully be completed by the end of next week) and announcements on various websites, among other things.  If you have any further suggestions on how we can spread the word don’t hesitate to let us know either by posting a commnet here, or on our facebook page (see the links i the right column).

So, keep your fingers crossed that we win one of the Marketing Fellowships, and that out friend Norm the Gnome will not be languishing in some elven prison when August roles around.

Until next time, good gaming to you all!

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