News on Norm.

Posted by Daniel On April 4, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

As many of you may have noticed, the blog post for this week is running a little late.  The reason for this is that I hoped to fulfill my promise regarding word from Norm the Gnome.  However, it seems we will all have to suffice with word OF Norm the Gnome.

I received word earlier today that Norm has been imprisoned by the authorities in Aviryn, a major city in the elven nation of Aruna-Nigh.  Apparently the charges include burning down a well-thought of tavern named the Goosed Gosling and slandering the honor of a noble lady.  The quote I heard was “She is so generous that she gives freely of herself to those of lesser status… if you know waht I mean.”  While neither of these charges are likely to result in his execution or anything else so harsh, it may affect his freedom to be present at GenCon as he promised.  I assure you, I will keep you updated on his status whenever my contacts pass word to me.

In the meantime I will be holding auditions for other possible special guests for the convention.  I’ve already had Gurt the ogre and Felicity, a rather… intriguing specimen of elven womanhood if I do say so myself, audition for the part.  Gurt was a bit too… blunt (a bit too heavy with the club I think) while Felicity, despite her… talents, is not quite the right spokesperson for the part.  Hopefully more will come forward in the near future.

So, let us all hope that Norm receives a swift and light sentence so he can be free by August.  I know I’m keeping my fingers crossed, because frankly, if I have any more auditions like Gurt’s, I’m not sure I’ll make it to GenCon myself.

Until next week (or further word of Norm), good gaming to all.

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