Lycan’s Bane Expanded!

Posted by Daniel On March 23, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Well, I missed last week, so I thought I might delve into the playtesting that is going on around the Lycan’s Bane adventure.  It was originally written as a demo adventure, to help introduce players to the uniqueness of the Realms of Twilight setting.  I have gotten a few things out of it and am making a few improvements from the feedback I’ve gotten thus far.

I am currently working on fleshing out the final stage of the adventure.  When written as a demo the rather abrupt (I must admit) ending works fine, but to be publishable, the ending needs to be a bit more climactic.  So the entire keep of Caer Gorinith will be laid out, with room descriptions, notable items (and treasure of course) and possible tactics used by the keep’s current residents.  I also intend to add in a few extra articles about things that the party encounters.  For instance, a Day in the Life of a Nightling was one suggestion I received.  I don’t know that I’ll go all the way into an Ecology article, but we’ll have to see.  I will also be adding in a section with some new crunch.  This section will include details on the Lycan’s Bane itself as well as a few new things that would be used the pending conflict between two nations.

By the end I believe this adventure book will run about 40 pages or so.  I currently intend to make it available as both a pdf and a print version.  And yes, I am aiming for FULL COLOR in the printing, though I am still getting quotes to see if it is actually doable.

Well, that’s all for now.  I believe our friend Norm the Gnome will be stopping by next week, so we can all look forward to what interesting things his antics may bring to the surface.  Until next week, good gaming to all.

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