Well, the Realms of Twilight website has served Silver Crescent well for the past year.  But now, with Gencon coming up, new product releases, and of course, the introduction of Norm… it is time to change things up a bit.

The construction of a new website has officially begun.  Don’t worry, you’ll all still have access to the current version as we work on the new design.  So you’ll still have the priveledge (ahem….) of these blog updates each week. 

The new site will feature some new artwork by the fabulous Jocelyn Sarvida as well as a number of new functionalities that I feel are now necessary.  Additionally, Norm the Gnome will have his own column to speak his mind.  I’m still not certain about allowing that, given how his mind works, but perhaps he will surprise and enlighten us all.

Unfortuantely, the Realms of Twilight tavern will be closing down for the foreseeable future as a part of this swap over.  The patronage has dropped off and our innkeeper can’t afford to keep the place open.  Apparently people just don’t enjoy drunken conversation the way they used to… hmm….

On another topic, the local Meetup gaming group is getting together tomorrow night.  Good pizza, good company and a chance to spread the word about Silver Crescent’s work.  Sounds like a good time to me.  I’ll be there along with a good number of others hanging out and enjoying the company of fellow gamers.

That’s about it for tonight.  Enjoy your weekend and game well.

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