Gencon 2011

Posted by Daniel On February 4, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Silver Crescent Publishing will officially be attending Gencon in Indianapolis, Indiana this year.  I have already booked a booth in entreprenuer’s avenue.  I went as an attendee and it was a huge event.  I think the final tally was over 30,000 people that came through visting booths and experiencing gaming on a whole new level.  I learned a lot by looking at the booths last year.  I saw many thinks that seemed to work and some things that didn’t.  I could go on for quite a while on my experiences last year (and I’m sure I will at some point) but for now let me tkae a moment to mention a few things we are thinking about for our booth this year.  Feel free to comment with any suggestions or opinions you might have on these.

1) We will be having a bard, dressed in costume, that will be reciting stories and legends from the Realms of Twilight setting.

2) We will be having a drawing for a large (36″ x 48″) color printing of the world of Relistan on canvas.

3) For sale will be the campaign setting hardcover book, Lycan’s Bane (the first adventure in the Realms of Twilight World) and Into the Night, a novel set in the Illurian Empire as well as several prints bookmarks and buttons to display the work of our outstanding artists.

This is just the first post about Gen Con, with many more to come.  Can you tell that excitement is running rampant?  Anyway, until further news presents itself, good gaming and have a good weekend.

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