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With every major project (particularly in the roleplaying game industry) there are always a number of things that are edited out for various reasons.  Perhaps it just didn’t fit with the theme of the book, or it was cut to maintain the length of book within the set limits.  well, today I give you the first glimpse into some of the material that was edited out of the Realms of Twilight Campaign Setting book.

While designing the Combat Alchemist class there were a number of alchemical mixtures that there simply wasn’t enough room for.  I tried to keep with the already established quasi-magical premise of alchemical items, but in ancient times alchemy and mysticism were one and the same.  Several of the mixtures that were removed were the more mystic types such as the Essence of Earth that has an effect similar to a lesser stoneskin spell.  There were several grenade-type mixtures that were also edited out.  The Frost Bomb series (lesser, normal and greater) were removed as well as acid type grenades.

Many of these you can expect to see in supplement books as they are released.  I’m always interested in hearing ideas for alchemical mixtures as well.  If you have suggestions feel free to email them to me.  Just be sure that they do not exactly mimic spells, or at the very least are less powerful than an equivalent level spell.  The Combat Alchemist is intended to be a versatile class, but in doing so they are not as good at any one thing as classes that specialize in those areas (clerics or wizards for example).

That is it for now.  I hope you enjoyed your first glimpse into the vaults of Silver Crescent Publishing.  Until next week, good gaming to you all.

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  1. Daniel Wood says:

    I’ve got a mixture for you:

    Sand of an hour glass
    Essence of a cuckoo bird
    A tear from the broken-hearted (for time heals all wounds)

    to make Sands of Time.

    has two possible effects (depending on how its used)

    Combat use:

    user of the sands blows the sand out of their hands in a 10ft cone effecting any target in the area of effect.

    effect 1:

    -2 AC
    -2 attack roll
    -1D4 Squares of movement for one round.

    medical use:

    handful is spread as evenly as possible over someone effected by poison or dying. Most useful for a pc that is down and dying during battle to slow the process until battle is over and the downed PC can be attended to.

    effect 2:

    Stops natural progression of poison, disease, and dying for 1D8 rounds.

  2. Daniel Wood says:

    Sorry, just saw the format the book uses. The previous was just me thinking out loud and blurting out an idea. The presentation below is more to the format set forth in the book.

    Name: Sands of Time
    Type: Dust; Level 2
    point cost: 2
    Application time: 1 Standard Action
    Stability: 1D8 rounds
    Duration: 2D4 Rounds +1 round/level
    Saving Throw: Reflex negates 1/2 time and roll penalties.

    Sands of Time affects the speed and reaction time of the target(s). The dust is scattered in a 10ft +2 ft/2 levels above 2nd (to a maximum of 20ft) cone. Any targets caught in the area of effect loses 1d4 5ft squares of movement and takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls and AC for 1D8 rounds. Reflex saves for half of movement, attack roll, and AC penalty.

    Experimentation: For an additional 2 mixture points, the Sands of Time can be made into a salve that can be applied to a poisoned, diseased, or dying PC, to slow the natural progression of the above character states.

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