Progress Report

Posted by Daniel On August 31, 2010 ADD COMMENTS

Well, things have gone well over the past week.  PDF sales are ever increasing, development of several projects is continuing and we are getting some good suggestions through various pathways about our products and marketing plans.

The most immediate additions to our library include a free 9 page sample of the Realms of Twilight Campaign Setting book.  This will be available at as well as our new partner also has both the PDF version of the Realms of Twilight Campaign Setting and the Legends & Histories Volume 1 eBook.  We are considering putting these two PDF products together in a package for an overall savings, but the release of that possibility has yet to be determined.

The short adventure called Lycan’s Bane is also over half way done.  Maps still need to be created and the final stage of the adventure still needs to be written, but it is coming along quickly.  The first large, three-part adventureset on the continent of Kesuril is also moving along well.  I’m excited about being able to present both to are ever growing fan base.

Thanks for your continued support and suggestions.  I hope we at Silver Crescent Publishing can continue to give you guys what you want to see.

Good gaming to you all.

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