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Posted by Daniel On August 23, 2010 2 COMMENTS

A few days ago, we received a rather unexpected order.  Someone from Germany was interested in the Realms of Twilight Campaign Setting.  Perhaps we should have thought of that, but the website wasn’t even set up for international shipping!  Thankfully he was patient as the shipping cost was added and was still interested when all was said and done.  So now Silver Crescent is officially an internationally known company! (and there was much rejoicing)

In other news, we have begun work on a few new projects.  First and foremost a short adventure is being written to demo a bit about the world.  It will be taking place on the continent of Kesuril, starting in the Illurian Empire.  The adventure is expected to run four to five hours, and will be played for the first time at Comic Quest in Evansville, IN.  The date has not yet been decided, but look for it in the next month or two.

Another adventure is also in the works.  This one also takes place on the continent of Kesuril, though it is much more involved.  It involves three of the Kingdoms of the West, on the opposite side of the Demonspine Mountains from the Empire.  This adventure is being written by Daniel Wood and Daniel Marshall.  There is no announced release date for this adventure as of yet.

Well, that’s all from Silver Crescent for today.  As always, good gaming to you all.

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  1. Daniel Wood says:

    Thanks for the name drop! I’m excited to be working on this project with you!

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