Novels Away

Posted by Daniel On May 28, 2010 ADD COMMENTS

While I am anxiously awaiting the proofs for the first printing run of the Realms of Twilight Campaign setting, I have been working on the first of, hopefully, many novels.  This one is entitled Into the Night and is the first book in the Master of Shadows trilogy.

This book will flesh out the capital city of the Illurian Empire a bit, as well as the area surrounding it throughout the course of events.  It will be the first true taste of the living world of Relistan with the politics, civilization and savagry that she is today.  I’m looking forward to finishing it.  Hopefully I will be done the rough draft in the next month or two.  From there, it is only a matter of editing and printing.  With any luck, by winter I’ll be shipping Into the Night out across the country.

Whish me luck.  And as always, good gaming to you all.

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