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Posted by Daniel On April 23, 2010 1 COMMENT

Well, all of the mixtures for the Combat Alchemist class are taking a lot longer than I had originally anticipated.  It is my hope that I can have it all done by the end of this weekend.  Then all I have to do is pick the paper type and send it off to the print shop.  4-6 weeks later I will have the first printing (50 books) in hand!  I’m a bit excited about it, even though I ended up running a bit behind schedule.  If anyone is interested in a copy of the Realms of Twilight Campaign Setting (set in the Pathfinder/3.5 OGL rule set) let me know and I’ll be sure to make arrangements to get a book to you.  The price will be $40 + shipping & handling.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Nadya says:

    Combat can get boring when there is too much doinwtme for the players that are awaiting their turn. I think it greatly slowed down with 3e (haven’t played 4e, but with the need for a grid I assume its even worse). When tactical trumps imagination you tend to have a problem.Also, smart phones and the like can lead to more distractions for the players that are otherwise not involved at the moment.It’s strange that the largest problem I had with Tunnels & Trolls my first time around was that the combat total were pooled for each side. It didn’t feel realistic. Now I look at it and realize it keeps everyone involved in every moment of the combat, as its the team’s total that decides the turn of the battle.I think fun should always trump realism in a game. 3e / 3.5e and all of its feats can make large groups unwieldily, especially in combat. Which may be why my D20 gaming only goes as far as C&C those days

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