Change of plans

Posted by Daniel On March 16, 2010 ADD COMMENTS

Well, it seems that Silver Crescent Publishing will not be having a booth at GenCon this year due to higher than expected hotel rates and booth fees.  Because of this we are reducing the size of the initial printing of the Realms of Twilight campaign setting.  It also means that the book will not be available at GenCon (except the box or so I bring with me).  For those interested you can post a comment here or email  Arrangements will be made for payment ($40 per book + S&H) and once payment is received the books will be sent out.  The campaign setting is still on schedule to go to the print shop April 1st.  With any luck we will have the books in hand by mid-May.

Any questions?  Post a comment.  I’ll answer as best I can.

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