Another Chapter Complete, and Gen Con news

Posted by Daniel On January 29, 2010 ADD COMMENTS

Well, the first 8 chapters of the Realms of Twilight campaign setting are officially complete.  Writing is done.  Editing is done.  And the only artwork that still needs to be added in is the page borders.  4 more chapters left, but I am on schedule to finish everything in time to send the book to print on April 1st.

In other news, Silver Crescent Publishing will be officially showing up at GenCon in Indianapolis this year.  I will be sharing a both with at least one other publisher (Radiance House) and potentially a second.  I’m half excited and half scared having never been to a convention of that size before.  Hopefully we can get some momentum going once the campaign setting is released and roll into GenCon with at least a small following who will visit the booth.

That’s it for now.  Good Gaming to all.

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