Fire Dancer

Posted by Daniel On January 17, 2010 ADD COMMENTS

So I’ve decided to take this week’s post to introduce a new prestige class that will be showing up in the Campaign Setting book.  I must admit I’ve always been enchanted by gypsy-style dancing and the mystique they seem to have.  It is in that image that I have created the Fire Dancer prestige class.  Designed primarily for a bard, the fire dancer summons fire from nothing, kindling a physical manifestation of her inner passion.  It is a shield, and a weapon, and can even be used to hypnotize those watching the dancer.  Most often they would be found in nomadic societies like the gypsies of the real world, but this doesn’t have to be the case.  Any dance troupe might hid in their midst one of these skilled and passionate dancers with the ability to wield dancing flames as easily as they control their own graceful movements.

That’s it for this week.  As usual, good gaming to all!

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