Changes to the Realms of Twilight Website

Posted by Daniel On January 8, 2010 ADD COMMENTS

We’ve recently made a few changes to the site to make it a bit more… immersive.  The Dungeon Master will now describe to you where you have gone and introduce you to the situation you have discovered.

We’ve also almost got the marketplace up and running.  The only item available on it thus far is still the Legends & Histories Volume 1 ebook.  Since the link to the marketplace isn’t set up yet you can get the ebook at and now at   It won’t be long now, and with the new year rolling on I draw ever closer to the completion of the Realms of Twilight Campaign Setting.  I find I am modifying a number of the prestige classes as I go, in an attempt to make them a bit more balanced or more interesting.  If anyone is interested in playtesting one of them let me know.

Enjoy your weekend all!

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