Happy New Year!

Posted by Daniel On January 3, 2010 ADD COMMENTS

I’ve been remiss.  With the holidays coming and going I missed my weekly post last week.  But I have good news for this week.  The Histories & Legends eBook is now available via www.paizo.com under downloads (Silver Crescent Publishing) and I have officially received the cover for the Realms of Twilight Campaign Setting book.  I can’t wait to show this particular piece off.  The two artists that worked on it really went above and beyond with this one.

So the deadline for the Campaign Setting grows ever closer and many late nights pass with my eyes glued to a computer screen trying to finish up the layouts on the last few chapters.  All of the descriptive chapters are complete, with art already set in place.  All that remains are the chapters that deal with the game mechanics.  New character classes, races, feats, magic and more… Though I find myself re-writing and editing a lot as I put the layouts together.  I can only hope when it is all done that I’ve put together a book you all will enjoy!

Until then, good gaming and I hope you all enjoyed the holidays.

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