Play by Post Begins!

Posted by Daniel On December 22, 2009 4 COMMENTS

In order to show the world of Relistan and the Realms of Twilight campaign setting off a bit, I’ve started recruiting for a series of Play by Post games.  We have now opened a few new rooms in the Tavern for rules-based and freeform games.  Anyone can Game Master for these games and all players are welcome, though you must abide by the forum rules in your posts.

I’ve also started a Play by Post game using the 3.5E OGL rules set at the Red Dragon Inn ( called, oddly enough, Realms of Twilight – A Journey Begins.  Check it out and see what you think.  Anyone who is interested in GMing a Play by Post game on our own forum, please let me know and I’ll get the forum set up for you.

Good Gaming Everyone!

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  1. Unfortunately I can’t take credit for the Red Dragon Inn site, though I admit I do spend a lot of time there. I referenced it because I am running a Realms of Twilight game at the Inn. If you are looking for a sci-fi game look in the recruitment threads on the site. If you don’t find one that interests you, you can always post there asking if anyone is going to be starting one up. I just got into a Shadowrun game that should be starting up in the next week or so that I found by doing just that. In fact (and I don’t want to make any promises here since I’m not running that game) there might still be room in it. You would have to send a PM to Ayrn to ask.

    • onion says:

      Okay I’ll have a look. In your opinion what is the ideal number of members in a PBEM game?

      • I must admit I’m much more familiar with play by post than play by email (which is what I assume you mean by PBEM). For the play by post games generally I suggest two more players than you normally would have. For instance, if you personally like 4 characters, try to get 6. The reason for this is that things happen. Sometimes real life causes players to have to withdraw from a game. If you have a couple more characters it is easier for a game like this to continue without having to wait until another player can be found. Meanwhile, you can search for a replacement while your game move forward. That’s just my opinion though of course.

  2. kendra says:

    it is really good

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