Combat Alchemist

Posted by Daniel On December 16, 2009 ADD COMMENTS

Now that the first of the eBooks is completed, I can return my postings to what the Town Crier was really hired to spread word of… The Realms of Twilight Campaign Setting.

In the campaign setting book I am introducing one new base class known as the Combat Alchemist.  This character is a skill based class that survives through creativity and quick thinking.  They have the ability to quickly combine pre-mixed ingrediants in the form of Mixtures in the midst of combat.  Mixtures can have any number of effects from fire bombs, to noxious or poisonous gases.

The class will be set up with a given number of known recipes at each level.  The Mixture recipes will be seperated by level similar to the way spells are.  The Alchemist will start each day with a certain number of points (representative of the pre-mixed ingrediants he was able to crush, dissolve and mold together during the previous rest period).  This number of points will be modified by the characters intelligence score and increase as he or she progresses in level.  This is representative of the character learning to use their ingrediants more efficiently for an ever increasing list of recipes and effects.

I’m still working the bugs out of the system and many of the recipes, but I would be grateful for any opinions or ideas.

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