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Posted by Daniel On October 21, 2009 ADD COMMENTS

So I’m way ahead of schedule on this particular project.  The first of the e-books is due out at the end of November and I will most likely finish the writing in the next 24 hours.  I’m expecting great thinks from the artist for the cover and interior art pieces.  She has done wonderfully thus far on the art for the Realms of Twilight campaign setting book and I have no doubts she will amaze me just as much with her results for these  images.

This ebook is about how to break a legend down and integrate it into a fantasy RPG campaign.  I’m using a legend I wrote about the city of Jalgrimm as an example.  It was a city where all good races lived in harmony for centuries, until a single item caused it to tear itself apart in a savage flurry of chaos.  It gives axample adventure hooks at various stages of the legend and possible clues to be found should the characters research the legend in a library or from a sage.  With any luck this will be the first step of Silver Crescent Publishing (and myself of course) into a new world of writing, publishing and advertising.  Wish me luck!

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