Project Updates!

Posted by Daniel On October 14, 2009 ADD COMMENTS

The main Realms of Twilight campaign setting is still coming along.  I only have 2 more art contracts that need to be fulfilled before the artwork is done.  I admit I still need to come up with some new equipment, spells and feats in adition to the ones I have, but other than that things are proceeding well.  I’m still hoping for more playtesters, so APPLY IF YOU ARE INTERESTED!

As far as the Legends & Histories project, the art contract is in negotiation now (expected to be signed in a day or two) and the writing is more than half way done.  I still have to go through the editing stage, but I have more than enough willing editors to help me out with that.

All in all, I’m getting very excited about the prospects.  I’m hoping the word will spread a little bit more about the Realms of Twilight as Silver Crescent Publishing releases the ebooks.  The potential advertising can’t hurt right?  After all, a lack of advertising (or the right advertising) is what kills many potential small businesses.

Well, enough of my rambling for today.  More updates coming soon!

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