Legends Ebooks

Posted by Daniel On October 3, 2009 ADD COMMENTS

Over the past few days I’ve been in contact with www.dungeonmastering.com.  We have now come to a general agreement.  I will be writing a series of 4 ebooks (10-20 pages each) giving a legend and explaining how that legend can be integrated into a new or already existing campaign.  Honestly I’m really excited about this project because the legends and histories are more interesting to me than the mechanics, so I get to produce products that are entirely about the things I enjoy the most.  Tentatively the first of the ebooks will be be released in pdf format in late November/early December.  Of course I have to track down an artist for the cover and two interior pieces.  I’m really hoping these ebooks do well.  If nothing else it should help get my name and Silver Crescent Publishing out to more than just the people that know me directly.  Wish me luck.

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