Dreams of an Author

Posted by Daniel On September 23, 2009 ADD COMMENTS

The Realms of Twilight Campaign Setting first sprung for a single city.  The capital city of the Illurian Empire was where it all started.  The Emperor is actually a character I once had.  The whole world concept sprang from that single city.  It is amazing how a small idea can explode into a project like this, isn’t it?

At first I designed only the city and the area around it (I even have detailed city maps stashed in a notebook somewhere).  But as the idea grew, so did the world.  Thus far I’ve been working on the creation of this world for the past five years or so.  Only in the last year, however, have I truly even begun to think about publishing it.  I petitioned numerous gaming publishing companies and none of them seemed interested in a new campaign world.  I did get some outstanding advice from a small publisher known as Radiance House.  I was guided through my first steps along the path of publishing the book myself.  Its been an interesting journey so far, and one I hope will continue for years to come.

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