A World of Legends and History

Posted by Daniel On September 20, 2009 ADD COMMENTS

One of the things that I think makes the Realms of Twilight campaign setting special, and sets it apart from many others, is that there is an emphasis on the history of the world.  In the Campaign Setting book this will take the form of legends, used as an introduction to each of the chapters that details an area of the world.  I’m looking at adding a few additional legends in an end chapter designed especially for that.  Now I understand that not all Game Masters and players may use this history or the legends, but for those that do, it provides a great opportunity to let the players feel like they are truly interacting with the world around them.

Perhaps they undertake an epic quest to break the power of the ritual that eclipsed the moon for the past age.  Perhaps they seek to wake the Twilight Dragon himself, or stop a power-hungry villain from doing the same.  I feel that these legend can provide the basis for a large number of adventures, and I hope that they help add an element to the game that may be lacking in some other worlds.

I also know that the campaign settings that people have known and loved for so long, like Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance, have had some outstanding authors weave incredible tales with memorable characters within these settings.  I hope to do this as well.  I have a novel series well underway that may further help bring the world of Relistan to life.  I only hope I can honor those who have done such a stunning job in this industry before me, for it is their influence that inspired me to undertake the novel project to begin with.

Well, that’s all there is for now.  I’ll speak again next week if not sooner.  Until then, feel free to register on the Realms of Twilight forum to discuss anything having to do with the world or ask any questions you may have.  You can also visit us on Facebook, where our growing fan list will help us spread the word about this new world and the epic adventures that await those brave enough to dive into it.

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