Advertisement and Hype

Posted by Daniel On September 12, 2009 ADD COMMENTS

It seems unfortunate, but I have thus far been unable to spread the word about this new campaign setting.  I have a facebook page for it (with 18 fans thus far) and am working on a myspace page.  I’ve told everyone I know about the project, and have even spoken to a few local people on  I have plans to advertise in Kobold Quarterly starting first quarter next year, but due to the expense I’m not sure I can do it before then.  I’m starting to run out of advertising ideas.  I’ve even made in-game announcments in a few online MMORPGs like Dungeons and Dragons Online (which is an awesome game by the way… and free to play now).  Really, I just need to get more traffic to the website.  If I can do that I think I’ll get more playtesters and people registering and commenting on the forum.  I even have a topic on the forum for suggestions any fans might have for getting the word out.  So, if anyone has any suggestions, post them there.  I’m definitely open to them.  Well, I suppose those are my thoughts for the moment.  I admit I’m not the best at this blogging thing, but give me time.  I’m a bit new to the concept.

Talk to you all later.

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