Slarinka, Land of Elementals and Ancients

Posted by Daniel On September 4, 2009 ADD COMMENTS

East of the Mystic Mountains are the 5 kingdoms, an oriental style area of human kingdoms at war with each other for various reasons. In the north is the Twilight wood (the background of the main website) that gets its name by the fruit that grows on many trees. The fruit seems to glow with a radiance similar to twilight. In the south is the city of Skyne. Once a grand city of various goodly races, it is now controlled in the majority by various humanoid tribes. Recently a uniting force has come to the city, though the few remaining humans (and such) cannot identify it. The humans now live in the docks district, having fortified themselves in place against attacks from the humanoids. Other than the elven nation of Arun-Nigh there are few other bastions of civilization on this continent. The vast majority is forests, plains and wilderness.

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