Welcome to the Realms of Twilight

Posted by Daniel On August 24, 2009 ADD COMMENTS

Greetings everyone, and welcome to the Realms of Twilight.  It is a new roleplaying game campaign setting designed to be compatible with the Open Gaming License put forth by Wizards of the Coast and the new Pathfinder Roleplaying Game published by Paizo.

Welcome to Relistan, a world whose sun was eclipsed centuries ago by the power of a fey race.  The eclipse has lasted for centuries, and now, only the light of the three moons shines down on the surface of the world.

It is an ancient world with a great and terrible history, though few now remain that know the truth of it.  Legends are told around the world of events that should not have been forgotten, but are now nothing more than fantastic tales told by bards and scholars.

Five continents make up the world of Relistan.  Two are temperate in climate, a third covered by savanna and jungle.  The two that remain are the physical manifestations of fire and ice.  A great desert and a frozen tundra.

Does this world interest you?  Visit www.realmsoftwilight.net and get a glimpse into the Realms of Twilight.  The campaign setting book is scheduled to be released late Spring of 2010.

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